Tuning into Your Feelings

Tuning into Your Feelings (Emotions) - Awareness



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What occupies your wistful mind? Are you wishing for something or someone? Are you wondering why your life is not exactly as you wished or planned?

Yin and Yang

We all go through periods of wishing and wondering. It's part of the balance required for the yin and yang, the easy and not-so-easy, the highs and lows, the struggles and triumphs, etc. Only by experiencing the positives and negatives can we grow and expand on our path to being our whole and best selves.


Focusing on what you want vs. what you do not want is essential. In other words, if what is playing out in your daily life makes you happy and fulfills your soul's work, keep focusing on it. If, however, what is happening today feels heavy or not satisfying, it's time to focus on the opposite of that, which is what you do want.

This seems obvious, but most of us are not tuned into our feelings (emotions) throughout the day. That was my realization as I continued to study why some things in my life occurred so easily, others seemed hard, and some things I wanted, I never got!


Thoughts + feelings (emotions) = beliefs. As I notice a feeling change, it triggers my brain to ask what thoughts I was thinking to cause that feeling. You may have a thought first and then feel the emotional change. It doesn't matter which you realize first. What matters is catching your thoughts in action, which also means catching your feelings in action. It's being cognizant to realize something has changed in your demeanor and stopping long enough to ask what changed.


To Wrap Things Up!

This tuning in continues to be key in my personal and professional development and in attaining all I dream of. It took some practice to be conscious of either my thoughts that were running wild in my subconscious or be conscious of a change in my feelings. The first day, I vowed to be tuned in all day; however I only made it a few hours.

Near the end of the workday, as I was driving home and had some thinking time, I realized I hadn't tuned in since the morning. As usual, I was on autopilot and moving at a fast pace. I think it took me about five days in a row to make this a habit. Now it's like breathing. I don't have to remind myself to consciously tune in.  It's like my personal radio channel of my thoughts and feelings is permanently set, and I am aware of changes as they occur.

The most significant benefit is turning around a limiting or negative thought or feeling early on. Since I catch them almost as they happen, I'm able to be more positive and focus my energies on what I want for the rest of the day. I like getting what I'm dreaming of. Tuning into my thoughts and feelings allows me to bring those things to me quickly. Thoughts + feelings (emotions) = beliefs.

For Your Consideration: For one day, be aware of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day and see if you can catch them in action, questioning what caused the feeling or the change in your emotions.

Photo by Fernando @cferdophotography on Unsplash