Alpha Delta Kappa State Conference - Patty Shea


Alpha Delta Kappa State Conference - Patty Shea


What We Do Matters!

Your Beliefs Are the Reasons Why


Let's Get Started 

The Where and When

The state conference for the Washington Alpha Delta Kappa educators was held in Yakima, Washington, on Saturday, April 27, 2024. Alpha Delta Kappa is an international honorary organization for women educators that empowers them to advance inclusion, educational excellence, altruism, and world understanding. The theme of this year’s annual conference was What We Do Matters!

The Workshop

I presented a workshop entitled “Your Beliefs Are the Reasons Why” and took participants through my three-step methodology: Step 1) thoughts + Step 2) feelings (emotions) = Step 3) beliefs.

The Focus

My workshop focused on the participants’ goals and dreams that were yet unattained. I lead the group through a series of exercises that helped them identify their unconscious limiting beliefs, which may have been or are currently causing resistance from accomplishing what they have been wanting. When we focus on what we do not have, we are focusing on what we do not want. The exercises provided some aha moments for participants to realize their focus on the negative (unwanted), which was their current reality and playing out in their lives, was the opposite of what they desired.

Using the three-step methodology, workshop participants identified their unconscious limiting beliefs by being able to put their thoughts into words. Then, they added a description of their feelings (emotions) around those negative thoughts, resulting in an understanding of that unconscious limiting belief.

The Discussion

Part of the discussion focused on where beliefs come from. Participants provided several examples, such as observation of what they heard or saw, what others said to them, and, as one participant pointed out, what was not said. Two additional examples were pointed out: what we hear or feel and what we tell ourselves. Our thoughts, feelings (emotions), and beliefs are key to what is playing out in our lives today and key to our future.


Some participants shared when and how their limiting belief was formed and some of the negative reinforcements they received along their life’s journey. They discovered that limiting beliefs negatively affect their current journey and the nonattainment of their goals and dreams. I then took participants through the three-step methodology to reverse their limiting beliefs to begin the manifestation process of what they have been longing for.

You are the key to your life’s manifestations; you are in control. I shared one of my favorite quotes from my mom, “You make your own happiness and your own sadness.” I added my favorite, “Whatever you believe, IS.”

After participants pinpointed the one word or phrase that described their limiting belief that has stuck with them through the years, they were guided through taking the negative thoughts, feelings (emotions), and beliefs and substituting positive thoughts, feelings (emotions), and beliefs of what they desired. I recommended they massage the words in that new statement into something that felt most uplifting and hopeful and to place that affirmation in several places where they would see it throughout their day. Using my three-step methodology in this way begins to turn around those unconscious limiting beliefs into conscious liberating beliefs.

To Wrap It Up!

The Washington Alpha Delta Kappa state conference held in Yakima proved to be a transformative event, especially through the enlightening workshop "Your Beliefs Are the Reasons Why." This session empowered educators by guiding them through a methodical exploration of their unconscious limiting beliefs that hinder their aspirations. Participants gained crucial insights into how their mindsets shape their realities and futures by utilizing a three-step methodology—identifying thoughts, associating emotions, and recognizing underlying beliefs. The workshop not only provided valuable tools for personal growth but also aligned perfectly with the conference's theme, "What We Do Matters!" This emphasizes the profound impact educators have on themselves and their communities, reinforcing that confronting and reshaping their beliefs can foster more positive outcomes in their professional and personal lives.


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