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Dynamic and Engaging

Interpersonal communication and the ability to connect individuals with their best selves were revealed to me at a very early age. Teachers were constantly moving me around to connect with specific classmates. I had an innate ability to reveal their unique value through observation, listening, and using my intuition to link them with their own uniqueness so they could channel their full potential. Since adolescence, I have continued sharing my gift with each person I have the honor of connecting with.

During my 39-year career with a local electric and natural gas utility company, with 36+ years in leadership positions, executive leadership positioned me in various departments throughout the organization, which needed my unique talent to help resolve people's and process problems. I became known as the Fixer of the Tough Stuff, getting to the heart of what mattered effectively, efficiently, and respectfully. With 46 years of experience, I have honed this process into a three-step methodology of thoughts + feelings (emotions) = beliefs. Helping others reach their individual wants and needs as leaders or coworkers and meeting organizational goals continue to fuel my passion.

I am a woman whose professional upbringing in corporate America was in a male-dominated industry. I connect with other women looking for ways to enhance and advance their careers, whether early on or more mature. My target audience is connecting with women aged 25 to 45 years. This includes the latter bookend of Gen Zs, the bulk being Millennials, and the early bookend of Gen Xers. I work with both men and women, but my focus is to help women succeed in business.

  • Intuitive advisor and guide for talent development
  • Transformational change leadership champion
  • Interpersonal solutions facilitator and trainer
  • Business culture specialist
  • Business relationships savant
  • Cross-functional and multidisciplinary conciliator

My 46 years of experience and expertise span a variety of industries and organizations, including but not limited to utilities, municipalities, higher education, financial institutions, health care, chambers of commerce, foundations, economic development organizations, and other business and community non-profits.

Workshops &

Individual Guidance

Learning is a deeply personal journey that embraces diverse forms and experiences. Delving into what truly matters necessitates open and respectful dialogue. As the advisor or facilitator, I am privileged to engage in this dialogue alongside participants. The process of acquiring knowledge and understanding unfolds through individual consultations and group interactions, all within a nurturing and secure environment.

Workshops serve as dynamic platforms for fostering meaningful conversations. The setting caters to individual preferences, whether in intimate gatherings of four or five individuals or larger assemblies ranging from 50 to over 100 participants. These workshops serve various goals, be it fostering personal growth, nurturing holistic leadership, or enhancing business development. Participants are empowered to choose the setting that best aligns with their objectives and aspirations.

In every interaction, whether one-on-one or within a group setting, I aim to deliver content that is not just motivational but deeply inspirational. True inspiration originates from within individuals, igniting ideas and actions that resonate with their personal principles. My ultimate goal is to nurture participants' appreciation for their unique individuality and capitalize on it for success.

Guided by a structured three-step methodology, participants are equipped with tangible tools to progress confidently in their professional and personal endeavors. By fostering a sense of self-worth and confidence, individuals are empowered to act authentically and decisively from a place of inner strength.

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  • For those things you have wanted in your life but have not yet attained, you will discover how beliefs develop and how you can employ those beliefs positively to bring about all you dream of.

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