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Your Beliefs Are the Reasons Why

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What if my own beliefs were holding me back? How did this happen? Was there something I could have done differently? How much of my fate was in my control?

My realization came near the end of a 39-year career with one company. A wise and dear friend sweetly asked, “Do you want to know more about this?” No! And No!

I would learn that our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are fundamental to whatever we want. Have you let negative beliefs shape your life? Have you been deaf to your own thoughts?

I Let one misguided thought limit me from accomplishing the only goal I had not achieved in my career.

My story is just that, my story. You have your story. No matter where you are in your professional, personal, emotional, spiritual, or physical journey, I hope my words and story tug softly at your heart and your inner self, calling you to explore. My hope is you take some time to question those things unattained. I hope you ponder, What were my thoughts? What did I feel and come to believe as fact? How did they influence my life? More importantly, what do I choose to think, feel, and believe from now on?

Your beliefs are the reasons why.

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