More About Patty!

• An Intuitive Advisor & Coach
• An Interpersonal Solutions Facilitator & Trainer
• A Business Culture Specialist
• A Business Relationships Savant
• A Cross-Functional & Multidisciplinary Conciliator

  • Patty has the innate ability to help others see their value, clarify their wants and needs, and provide a positive and upbeat environment for individuals and groups to excel and succeed. There is a reason she has become known as Patty with an “!”
  • She is recognized for her expertise in working with varied employee groups, which are cross-functional and multidisciplinary. As an intuitive advisor and guide, Patty assists individuals and groups in getting to the heart of the matter, sets the stage for self-reflection, and provides methodologies for moving them positively forward.
  • Her optimistic outlook and varied work experiences enable her to smooth the way to collaboration, mutual consideration, and individual and team success.

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