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Positive Affirmations -Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs


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Have you struggled to manifest a positive affirmation? I have! My mom was on the right path when she told me to think positively. Even as a youngster, I remember my mom believing in positive thoughts. My definition of positive affirmations is positive thoughts put into words. I’ve had an ongoing mental and physical struggle with my weight. No matter what the scale indicated I weighed, I believed I was fat. If the scale revealed I had lost some pounds, I would worry I would gain back those pounds. When I ate anything “bad,” I could almost feel the pounds come on and my clothes getting tighter. I had a great imagination. My feelings were heavy, and I felt such guilt that my thoughts followed along.

Negative Thoughts VS Positive Affirmations

Though I persistently read the positive affirmation I had written about my weight and the weight I wanted to be, I could feel disbelief every time I stated it. My negative thoughts about my weight, coupled with the awful feelings I had of being overweight, led to my belief that I was indeed overweight. But I would recite that sentence almost daily as I stood in front of the mirror each morning getting ready for school or later getting ready for work.

Why It Wasn't Working

I wondered why the positive affirmation wasn’t working. It was because my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs had more “weight” than the positive affirmation alone. I didn’t believe the affirmation, because I couldn’t see nor feel myself at that weight or looking slim.

Changing My Thoughts

I believe positive affirmations are the precursor of my three-step methodology (thoughts + feelings = beliefs). That affirmation, which were my thoughts written down, needed the rest of the three-step equation. I needed to change my feelings around those thoughts and those words.


Where did my negative feelings come from? Almost from the minute I opened my eyes each morning, I started to obsess about my weight. I told myself, today is the day. I’m not going to snack; I’m not going to eat unhealthy food. However, from that moment on, I couldn’t stop thinking about food! What was I going to eat for breakfast, when was lunch, and where was I going to eat dinner? The more I thought about not eating, the more I thought about eating, and the hungrier I got! Do you know that our subconscious brains cannot process a negative like don’t? It’s simple: when you don’t want to think about something, you do. Try it for yourself. Take any subject, like your favorite food; maybe it’s pizza. Don’t think about a deep-dish pepperoni pizza loaded with cheese. Don’t think about your mouth watering as you pick up a greasy slice and the pizza sauce and mounds of melted cheese slide over your lips. It’s okay if you’re salivating; I am!

Becoming Your Own Worst Enemy

Negativity, whether in thoughts or feelings, contaminates the mind. Without getting this under control, you become your own worst enemy; but there is hope. My positive weight affirmation (the words and thoughts) was missing positive feelings, which resulted in a limiting belief. The complete three-step methodology of thoughts + feelings = beliefs was needed. Adding the positive feelings (emotions) changed the focus from being overweight (negative) to being healthily thin (positive).

It Takes Practice

In order to ensure I felt positive and believed my positive affirmation, I have practiced. Because concern about my weight has been a strong focus for many years, I may need to remain vigilant in how I focus my attention. As my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about being a healthy weight continue to be positive, the negative seems to be diminishing. I no longer obsess about my weight. Thinking, feeling, and believing positively feels much better than all the focus on my weight being a negative. Adding the three-step methodology of thoughts + feelings = beliefs to my affirmation, has made a positive physical difference.

To Wrap it Up

For Your Consideration – If you have a positive affirmation you have been working with, but the outcome you desire has not occurred, try adding my three-step methodology of thoughts + feelings = beliefs. What positive thoughts can you think of relating to the affirmation? Can you describe the feelings of the affirmation manifesting? Maybe try writing down all those feelings. Can you feel your momentum changing as you read them? When your feelings (emotions) begin to change positively, you’ll know you’re on the right track. Visualizing yourself accomplishing your dream adds even more reality. I hope this helps you get unstuck from being in your own head and propels you positively toward all you’re dreaming of.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash