Getting In Tune With Your Thoughts

Tips for Getting In-Tune With Your Thoughts

What Are You Waiting (Wanting) For? – Part 3: Tips for Getting In-Tune With Your Thoughts

A three-part series:

Part one of three: defining thoughts, feelings, and beliefs

Part two of three: negative and positive manifestations

Part three of three: tips for getting in tune with your thoughts

Let's Get Started!

Review from Part 1 and 2:

My three-step methodology is 1) thoughts + 2) feelings (emotions) = 3) beliefs. Whatever you believe, IS. The goal is to be cognizant of your thoughts throughout every day.

Are Your Belief's Serving You? 

What beliefs serve you? What beliefs do not serve you, and what can you do about them? You can start by being constantly aware of and in-tune with your thoughts and feelings. How? When I first tried being cognizant of my thoughts, I would usually be aware of a feeling first. Then I would ask myself what was causing that feeling. What was I thinking about that resulted in that feeling?

The Inner Voice

Reflective Questions – Have you ever had what might be described as an intuitive moment or “hearing” a little voice in your head”? Have you ever had a fleeting thought as you’re getting ready to leave your house for work, like, I better take a jacket, an umbrella, or an extra pair of shoes? If you are like me you probably do one of two things: 1) you either take that item, or 2) you quickly talk yourself out of it or reason yourself out of it. I hope I’m getting some head nods. It’s like an argument you have with your thoughts. Then, lo and behold, you needed that item later in the day. When I haven’t listened to my gut or “my little voice” and then need that item, I get so frustrated with myself.

Three Tips

Here are three tips for recognizing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and being able to change them if you want more positive results.

Tip #1 

Recognize you’re having a thought. As you are going about your day and something seems off or not right, stop. Take a moment to recognize you’re having a thought that caused that feeling. Ask yourself, “What is making me feel/think this way?” The more you become aware of and in tune with your thoughts, the more regularly you can choose to keep thinking that thought or choose a better feeling thought instead.

For example, sometimes when I’m driving I see someone walking a dog, and the dog seems to be prancing or almost joyfully skipping down the sidewalk on the end of the leash. It makes me smile, and I instantly feel happy inside. I love this feeling, so I begin to “milk it” by thinking of all the things I am happy about and grateful for. One good-feeling thought leads to another good-feeling thought and to another and pretty soon, I’m feeling really good!

Tip #2 

Recognize the feelings you have throughout the day. When your feelings change, recognize they have changed and then take a moment to question where those feelings are coming from. What were you thinking when that feeling surfaced? If you want to feel differently, choose a better feeling thought.

Tip #3

Deliberately choose a thought/feeling you want and then act as if it has already manifested. Pre-pave your day with the things you want to happen and how you want to feel. Think through your day in the present tense and act as if it is going as planned. For example, here is a thought: "I want to have a productive day.” I act as if I am saying to myself, “My day is going so smoothly. I am enjoying checking off items on my to-do list. One after another…..done, done, and done. What a great day!”

Remember, your unchecked thoughts may seem innocent and fleeting, but coupled with strong emotions, they can lead to unintended beliefs, which can lead to unintended results (manifestations).

For Your Consideration – When you have some time to yourself, sit back in your chair, relax your shoulders, and take a few deep breaths. You can either look down or close your eyes, whichever you are most comfortable doing. You do not need to write anything down. You are just going to think a good feeling thought, feel the feelings (emotions) that come up, and imagine the desired outcome in your mind. You are pre-paving that good feeling desired outcome to manifest.

Your Thoughts Manifest Themselves

Thought #1: Negative Manifestation

– Think of a time when something unwanted happened to you. Answer in your mind – what words would you use to describe what happened? What thoughts were going through your mind at that time? As you relive this negative manifestation, what were you feeling? Are you experiencing a physical reaction now? Did you have a belief about what happened or why it happened? Describe that situation and/or those feelings in your mind.

Thought #2: Positive Manifestation

– Think about when you got something you wanted. What words would you use to describe it? What were you thinking at the time? As you relive this positive thought (an experience), can you feel those good feelings you felt back then? Describe those feelings in your mind.

Both manifestations were the result of having a thought, that you thought about and thought about, coupled with strong feelings (emotions), that turned into a belief (a thing) that manifested. You may be thinking to yourself that you did not want to or even consciously think about that negative thing happening to you. Then how did you manifest it? I ask you to think about what was happening in your life then. Were other negative things occurring, also? Like attracts like. In other words, whatever you are focusing on, you draw similar feelings (emotions) to you. If you continue to focus on that and your feelings (emotions) get stronger, you will draw similar things to you.

My experience has proven to me that my negative thoughts and feelings draw more negative thoughts and feelings, like a magnet. The same occurs with positive, good-feeling thoughts. The more you think good-feeling thoughts, the more you find things to be grateful for than to complain about. The more you see (believe), the glass is half full instead of half empty, and the more you feel those feelings, those thoughts and feelings become beliefs, and beliefs manifest. The more positive, uplifting thoughts and good feelings you continually have, the more positive things manifest in your life. YOU are the key, and using my three-step methodology, your thoughts + your feelings = your beliefs, will help you manifest all you dream of. What you believe IS!

To Wrap Things Up

The exploration of how beliefs shape our reality underscores the profound impact our thoughts and feelings have on our lives. By being acutely aware of these inner experiences and choosing our responses wisely, we hold the power to manifest both negative and positive outcomes. The three tips provided offer practical steps for harnessing this power: recognizing and adjusting our thoughts, understanding our emotional responses, and deliberately shaping our day with intention. This approach helps mitigate unwanted consequences and enhances our ability to attract positive experiences and outcomes. As we become more adept at steering our mental and emotional states, we transform our beliefs and, consequently, our reality—proving that we are indeed the architects of our own fate.

Photo by Rebe Pascual on Unsplash