Negative and Positive Manifestations

Negative and Positive Manifestations


What Are You Waiting (Wanting) For? – Part 2 of 3: Negative and Positive Manifestations

A three-part series:

Part one of Three: defining thoughts, feelings, and beliefs

Part two of three: negative and positive manifestations

Part three of three: tips for getting in tune with your thoughts

Let's Get Started!

Review from Part 1

My three-step methodology is Step 1) thoughts, plus Step 2) feelings (emotions) equal Step 3) beliefs (thoughts + feelings = beliefs).

Real-Life Example

I have used my three-step methodology for manifesting both negative and positive outcomes. Getting my private pilot's license is an excellent example of both. I manifested an extremely negative outcome, crashing a plane, and I also manifested a positive outcome, obtaining my private pilot's license. Remember, I used the same three-step methodology in both manifestations, though the negative manifestation was unconsciously manifested at the time.


My two biggest fears in becoming a private pilot were soloing for the first time and crashing a plane. I hope you are thinking, Why would she ever put the thought of crashing a plane in her head in the first place?

There are three major parts to getting a private pilot's license: 1) passing an extensive written exam, 2) passing an oral exam, which feels like an interrogation by the flight examiner, and 3) passing a check ride, also called the practical exam.

Soloing for the first time comes after a lot of ground school, flying time with your instructor, practicing emergency maneuvers, and numerous takeoffs and landings. Crashing, however, is something I thought about and thought about and thought about. I had strong feelings (a deathly fear of crashing) and I believed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I would crash a plane. I believed I just needed to get that out of the way, and everything would be fine.

It's Like Riding a Bicycle

Let's use an analogy. If you can ride a bicycle, do you remember learning to ride? In our family, we had one bike for the four of us kids when we were growing up. It was rusty red with big, fat tires and was an adult-size bicycle. The brakes were a result of the weight pushed on them and the strength of your legs and feet to stop.

We had a dirt alley behind our house. The alley was full of bumps and gravel-like rock. I used to focus on avoiding those big bumps. I'd even chant out loud, "I don't want to hit it; I don't want to hit it." What do you suppose happened? I hit those bumps every time. Our Universe is inclusive, not exclusive, which means you draw to you what you focus on, whether positive or negative.

Negative Manifestation

As part of my last maneuver in becoming a private pilot, a long cross-country solo flight in the very snowy December of 2007 in northern Idaho, I crashed my airplane going 55 mph as I was accelerating for takeoff down a very icy runway with a two-foot icy snow-encrusted berm on each side. The accident occurred just before beginning rotation, which basically means lifting the plane's nose wheel off the ground during takeoff.

Because of the ice and the torque effect of the propellor, my instructor cautioned me not to overuse my rudders. However, I waited a little too long to engage my rudders and ended up sliding off the runway into that two-foot solid ice berm. Hitting the berm flipped the plane, and I came to an abrupt upside-down stop!

I do not remember much discussion or any training on what to do when my plane abruptly flipped upside down on the runway with aviation fuel (Avgas) leaking out both of the wings, which were full of fuel, and trying to undo my seat belt and open the door, all while being upside down.

The story has much more color, but that is for another time. Obviously, I survived. Every time I took a flight lesson leading up to the crash, I thought about what the crash might look like; I worried (feelings, emotions) about crashing and believed it was just a matter of time before it happened. Since crashing a plane doesn't necessarily happen to every pilot, do you think it's possible, maybe even probable, that my thoughts + feelings (emotions) = my belief, which strongly influenced that crash, that negative manifestation?

Remember, the Universe is inclusive. Like a magnet, I draw more of whatever I am focused on. The Universe is not exclusive. Though I said I didn't (exclusive) want to crash, crashing was what I was focused on (inclusive). Negative manifestation – done and check! The three-step methodology worked flawlessly, unfortunately.

Positive Manifestation

In August 2008, following the December crash (I had already passed the written exam), I got closer to the day when I would be with the flight examiner to take the oral exam and perform the check ride (practical exam). Months leading up to that day, I spent time visualizing the check ride maneuvers and successfully performing each one. I spent considerable time every morning visualizing the Examiner being pleased throughout the check ride and finally shaking my hand as he congratulated me on becoming a private pilot. I even visualized him signing off on the paperwork at our FBO (Fixed-Based Operator) private jet airport terminal counter.

When I first started visualizing, I was incredibly nervous. 'Just the thought of my check ride quickly raised my blood pressure and my pulse. However, the more I visualized perfectly performing each maneuver, the more confidence I developed. The extreme nervousness diminished to slightly nervous and eventually to feeling confident because, in my mind, I had already performed perfectly, with no errors. That hot, sunny day in August, I showed up…confident!

The day played out exactly as I had mentally practiced (rehearsed, visualized) in my mind. Even the Examiner's handshake felt familiar. He shook my hand and signed me off in the exact spot in the airport office I had visualized so many times before. My three-step methodology worked again!

For Your Consideration – From my manifestations, negative and positive, does it bring to mind anything similar that has occurred in your life? If so, take a few minutes to jot down your thoughts and feelings and what you came to believe as fact. Can you begin to understand "What you believe IS?"

To Wrap Things Up

My journey to obtaining a private pilot's license is a compelling illustration of how powerful and influential one's mindset and focus can be in manifesting positive and negative outcomes. By applying the same three-step methodology—visualizing (my thoughts), feeling, and believing—I experienced firsthand the tangible effects of my thoughts, from the traumatic crash during a solo flight to the triumphant success of passing my pilot exams.

My story underscores the principle that the Universe responds to what we concentrate on, irrespective of our desires. Therefore, whether it's the fear of crashing or the aspiration to succeed, what we focus on expands, shaping our experiences and outcomes accordingly. This narrative not only highlights the psychological aspects of personal achievement but also serves as a reminder of the potent impact of our inner thoughts and emotions on our external realities.


Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash